How To Improve Your Sports Betting Game

Every punter wants to improve their sports betting game.

Whether you’re a casual bettor or someone who hopes to one day make a career out of it, we’ve got some great advice to help you improve your abilities.

Use Your Head

Steering clear of allowing emotion to influence our decisions can be challenging. This is especially true when it comes to betting on sports.

The reality of the matter is that being objective towards sports betting is just about the simplest way to improve yourself by making smarter bets.

When deciding to make a bet, be sure to use your head, and not merely your heart.

This means shopping for the best value without allowing favouritism to get in the way of smart decisions.

Location Matters

Especially when betting on team sports like football or soccer, be aware of the importance of home-field advantage.

This can even be something affected by a particular stadium.

The best approach is to do proper research when comparing home vs. away records. This will help you to correctly handicap for home-field advantage.

Aside from the actual field, there are certain teams who just don’t travel as well as others. This is why knowing where teams previously played is important within the bigger scheme of things.

Dig Deeper Than The Trends

Following trends isn’t inherently a bad idea because patters can oftentimes provide valuable information.

But by the same token, a recent trend doesn’t always mean a sure-fire future outcome. Instead, go further back and look for more information, for example how points were scored, and events won.

The smartest bettors know the value of checking everything out in-context, and not just by relying on recent outcomes, numbers, and trends.

Keep Tabs On Injuries

Especially when betting on team sports like football, it is crucial to know that any small change can affect the entire squad.

To this end, be sure to do your homework on which players have been missing out on practise sessions, who the injured parties are, as well as the expected status and changes for future games.

Since injury news reports can sometimes be vague, it’s a great idea to check the social media accounts of each team’s own beat-writers. These guys will often have inside-information regarding injuries and strategies for future events.

Know Your Bets

While there’s nothing wrong on wagering on popular markets, to truly find value, you’ll have to be open to knowing which alternative bets you can make.

A good idea is to search for additional value in markets like live betting, futures bets, and even player props. These can go a long way towards adding maximum value to your bankroll.

Know Your Players

Even with team sports, there are certain one-on-one match ups that can have huge impact on how a game or even unfolds.

Football is great example of players going head-to-head all the time, with some better suited for the role of working together in a partnership than others.