(In)Famous Sports Betting Superstitions

Gamblers and sports betting enthusiasts are well-known for their weird and wacky superstitions. It isn’t at all uncommon for a Blackjack player to refuse to cross their legs during a game at the tables, or for a sports bettor to try and void a jinx.

Below are just a handful of some of the more (in)famous superstitions embraced by sports bettors the world over.

How To Keep A Secret

Many sports bettors will refuse to offer any information regarding a bet before the event is officially over.

The reasoning behind this is that putting a bet “out there” before it is decided will attract the opposite of the result you’re hoping for. Oftentimes, the most any bettor will be willing to divulge is the fact that they’ve made a wager. But for others, even just that constitutes pushing their luck a little too far.

Unlucky Number 13

The number 13 is considered as unlucky inside the world of sports betting as outside of it.

Just like many hotels and office buildings avoid including a 13th floor or room for fear of bad luck, many sports bettors avoid this number as if it were the plague.

For instance, many bettors refuse to place a wager during the 13th week of the https://australiansportsbetting.net/nfl/ season. And for many others, betting on a horse wearing the number 13 is as good as a losing wager to start with.


Sports bettors hate discussing their bets before a game is over for several reasons, of which one is a fear of being jinxed.

Hearing from a friend how your bet is almost certainly “in the bag” is for many sports betting lovers the ultimate jinx.

Jinxing is a big no-no in the world of sports betting, as is counting one’s chickens before they have hatched.

Lucky Charms

Good luck charms are another firm favourite for sports bettors. These could take on the form of literally anything, including lucky rocks, lucky pennies, a rabbit’s foot, or even a two-dollar bill.

So attached are many sports bettors to their luck-bringing charms and tokens, that they’ll outright refuse to place a wager without them.

It’s All In The Pose

Many sports bettors and casino gamblers alike believe in the super-natural power of sitting up straight (or even standing) when placing a bet.

Itchy Palms Are Great News

Sports bettors will often place larger-than-life bets when experiencing an itchy palm.

Many take this a step further, and only regard an itchy palm on the left to indicate a big incoming fortune.

Hold Your Whistle

Gamblers and sports bettors alike believe that whistling when betting is a particular recipe for disaster.

While the origin of this unusual superstition isn’t known, it is understood to have started among British sailors in England. The sailors reportedly believed that whistling attracts bad weather, gale-force winds, mountainous waves and the like.

Wearing Red For The Win

A tradition perhaps most notably adopted by golfer Tiger Woods, many sports bettors believe in the power of wearing read – both for placing the bet and watching the game.

Red is considered particularly lucky by Asian gamblers and sports bettors.