The Basics Of Basketball Betting

Betting on basketball is an activity that is experiencing a massive surge in popularity.

Since the annual basketball season is a long one, there are many opportunities to fine-tune your basketball betting game – even as a beginner. And with this comes many opportunities to boost your bankroll too.

When betting on the NBA, there are several types of wagers to consider, including Moneyline, Spread, Halftime, Futures, Parlay/Teaser, and 1st Quarter/1st Half – to name but a few. And it’s a variety that makes betting on a game of hoops only that much more enjoyable.

The Spread Bet

The rules of basketball make for a high-speed, high-scoring game on the court.

With teams typically having only 24 seconds per possession to score, the pace is fast and the results typically high and close together.

Due to the high scores, bookies use the spread bet to level the chances of either team winning a bet. For this reason, when betting on basketball, it is quite common to see 15+ spread bets – something nearly unheard of when betting on an NFL game.

The Moneyline Bet

A moneyline bet is a type of wager that sets odds based on who will win. This makes of the moneyline bet a simple one and uncomplicated one.

The Totals Bet

The totals bet is a wager placed on the combined score of the two teams playing.

The odds are determined by the bookie, leaving the punter to decide whether to bet on over or under.

Since the scores are high in basketball, totals tend to run quite high.

Halftime Lines

Halftime lines are entertaining as they become available during halftime only, and determine an entirely new spread for what remains of the game (second half).

While halftime lines aren’t as popular as bets placed before the commencement of a game, winning halftime wagers remain a great way to turn a decent profit.

Parlay/Teaser Bets

A parlay bet is a series of combined bets wagered in the hopes of an increased payout.

In order to increase the potential value of a parlay bet, punters typically combine spreads, moneyline bets, and totals.

A teaser bet isn’t all that different from a parlay bet. The only difference is that the bookie will give the punter a certain number of points to increase their odds of a successful bet. However, the overall payout will be slightly reduced in return.

Futures Bets

Futures bets predict which team will win a conference or NBA championship final. These form part of a category known as prop-bets.

But futures aren’t limited to teams only. Another example is predicting who will be named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) within the league.

Prop-bets like futures make for much variety, and since they’re often classed as exotic bets, they typically pay handsomely when correctly predicted.

Tips For NBA Betting

  • Bet early in the day. The best way to gain an edge is to place your wagers as soon as the markets open.
  • Remain up to date with injury reports. Injuries must not be underestimated when considering the possible outcome of a game.
  • Keep a record of your bets. This will help you hone your skills as you improve your betting game.