A Quick Look at Robotnik Online Slot

Robotnik Online Slot

Space is a massive place, like truly gargantuan. So one has to wonder what kind of interesting and valuable treasures lie beyond our scopes, waiting to be claimed by the deserving civilisation. That is essentially the premise for this Robotnik slot from Yggdrasil, which centres itself firmly within space, with all manner of space rock and crystal glinting with value on the reels. So space mining is the game and not only are the reels filled with varieties of valuable mineral, but ideally the jackpots too. Otherwise the appearance of this game is quite appealing, a trait that Yggdrasil bring to most of their more innovative slot themes.

However like any good miner one has to dig deeper to find the real stuff and beneath the thematic surface of this Robotnik slot there is a set of 5 free floating reels, practically defined only by the symbols within that run 3 rows high. There are a total of 40 pay lines, half running left and the other half right. Beneath the reels players will find setting to adjust the coin size and the number of pay lines involved, which does allow for a semblance of wiggle room. There are also a few bonus features in this slot, which is always quite a gamble with one from Yggdrasil who enjoy focusing on the base game predominantly.

Exploring and Mining in this Space Theme

There is good money in space mining, assuming you can find an intelligible species to fence the goods afterwards. Fortunately players don’t have to fret semantics with this Robotnik slot game because all they’re tasked with is sorting those different ores and minerals on the reels into winning combinations. Players will find they even get help from a friendly looking robot that of course shares his name with the title of this slot game. With the backdrop though, the transparent reels and even the nonchalant sound effects, this pulls through visually.

Taking a stern look through the telescope at the reels and it becomes apparent that the symbols involved are separated into two distinct groups. The unrefined ores and the pure crystal that results from this and a little bit of elbow grease. These make for some contrasting colour schemes on the reels which do appear quite attractive, especially with the backdrop.

Playing Robotnik Online Slot

A Few Spacey Bonus Features on Top

The first of the bonus feature employed on the reels of this Robotnik slot from Yggdrasil worth mentioning is the Wilds. These appear as either single Wilds or 3 times Wilds, and not only substitute for other symbols on the game but also award a respin when forming a winning combination that then repeats if additional Wilds appear until no more do.

The Robotnik slot Wilds are the other feature in this game and this happens randomly after a spin where the aforementioned little robot floats onto the screen and distributes a few Wilds and 3 times Wilds onto the reels. This can understandably be a rather rewarding bonus to happen upon while spinning.