Free iPad Bingo at a Glance for Online Players

iPad owners are already well aware of the device’s utility as a one-stop entertainment hub. The large screen, excellent visual rendering and good sound quality make all sorts of games more engaging on the iPad than they are on mobile phone screens. The touchscreen makes play fast and simple, and the connectivity offered by the iPad means they can enjoy their favourite games online anywhere they like.

Bingo enthusiasts are also discovering the possibilities of the iPad. Bingo has been converted to digital games online in a number of variations, starting with the traditional games of land-based bingo halls, then branching out into more complex versions in which the computer helps players keep track of all the balls drawn. For many, free iPad bingo games online are their new favourite pastime.

The Basics of Bingo

For the uninitiated, bingo is one of the easiest games to learn. It’s a lottery game, which usually sees between 60 and 90 balls placed in a drum, to be drawn at random. Players pay for bingo cards, which have a pre-printed selection of random numbers arranged on what is most commonly a 5X5 grid. In online versions, the balls are drawn by random number generators.

As the balls are drawn and called, players mark off matches on their cards. Prizes are awarded when a predetermined pattern is filled in. This pattern differs from games to game, from a simple line, to complex geometric mixes, to filling the whole card, known as a full house. Prizes also vary, according to the difficulty and complexity of the specific pattern for each game, and some games will feature successive prizes, such as for the first diagonal, then the first vertical column filled, and so on.

Finding iPad-Compatible Games

A great frustration experienced by iPad owners is that although the device is clearly superior to anything else on the market, as far as they are concerned, developers were for many years more interested in piffling economic mumbo-jumbo like ‘market share’, so the bulk of games were designed for the Windows platform.

However, by and large the software development world has woken up to the fact that iPad users are keen gaming connoisseurs. Eager to service every possible nook and cranny of the market, many top game designers now make sure all their games, including several bingo variants, are also iOS compatible. A specific search for free iPad-compatible bingo games online will reveal all the options available.

What Free iPad Online Bingo Games Means

Players must be careful not to get confused, however. The term ‘free’ is used in two senses, so ‘free online bingo games’ has two meanings. Some online and mobile bingo sites allow players to play for credits only, and money never changes hands. This is the ultimate free bingo experience, although the player is only playing for the thrill of winning and additional playing credits. However, it does mean they never have to risk money on real wagers, and they can play free iPad bingo for fun whenever they like, for example, playing at

The other type of free iPad online bingo games refers to apps that can be downloaded for free. This allows the player mobile access to bingo 24/7 on their iPad, but only the download is free; although some bingo sites will offer a set number of free credits as a bonus along with the download. Although the app and any bonus credits are free, the player will have to wager real money on their bingo games at some point.