Details about UltraSpin Slots Series from Aristocrat

UltraSpin Slots Series from Aristocrat

Here we are taking a look at the exclusively land based In Focus: Aristocrat’s UltraSpin Pokies Series which is not only developed by one of the top developers in the industry but also features the industrious UltraSpin feature in all of the games.

To date there are 3 individual slots in this series from Aristocrat, all with their own style and features but all including the UltraSpin feature as the aforementioned trademark feature. Since these are exclusive to the brick and mortar casinos they won’t be available online for a while, making them almost all the more industrious and thematic toward said industry.

The most efficient way to investigate the topic of In Focus: Aristocrat’s UltraSpin Slots Series is to break it down into its component parts. These include an analysis of the aforementioned UltraSpin feature and then more specific evaluations on the 3 different games involved. The latter part of this breakdown consists the slot games Emerald Empire, Ruby Saloon and Diamond Destiny, but of course in a fair bit more detail.

Discerning that UltraSpin Aristocrat Slot Feature

The way the prominent feature of the In Focus: Aristocrat’s UltraSpin Slots Series works is essentially by offering up a few decently sized jackpots that can be won at any time during the games. The jackpots are all listed above the reels of the slot games in question and increase in size exponentially.

On top of this these jackpots are essentially progressive as they accumulate larger and larger winnings the longer they aren’t won and players are playing in the community. This means that players can even go a bit higher on their bets as the jackpots they’re ultimately aiming for will only grow bigger should they not succeed.

The way the UltraSpin feature is ultimately triggered in this In Focus: Aristocrat’s UltraSpin Series is through the demarcated bonus symbol found on the reels of each of these 3 Aristocrat games. Players must attempt to land at least 3 or more of these bonus symbols to trigger the feature. Here the reels that had a symbol on them when the feature triggers remain whilst those without drop away.

These remaining symbols then spin again with new set of symbols specific to the opportunity of winning one of these notable jackpots listed above the reels. The more symbols initially triggering the feature, the more reels in theory and then the more chance to spin those required jackpots in the UltraSpin feature.

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The Three UltraSpin Aristocrat Slots Available

The three slot games associated with the In Focus: Aristocrat’s UltraSpin Slots Series here are the aforementioned Emerald Empire, Ruby Saloon and Diamond Destiny. Like slots at, these each differ from the other in certain specific regards, be it in appearance, gameplay, bonus features or all of them together.

Each of these game are affiliated with a specific gemstone, which in these UltraSpin slot games act as their respective jackpot winning symbol come that feature.

On top of that each of these games offers something different enough to be counted as a game completely separate but at the same time not only utilises the same specific feature throughout but also then the same jackpot community pool, so players playing from any of the games can win jackpots accrued from all of them at the same land based casino.

So is the setup of the In Focus: Aristocrat’s UltraSpin Slots Series.