Top Casino Software Developers

Many of us play online casino games without ever thinking beyond the game that we are playing. And why would we want to think of what happens behind the game screen? It doesn’t affect us in any way. Irrespective of whether or not we are affected, there are some genius’s working behind the scenes to build the interesting and interactive games that we play.

Whether you are simply enjoying online roulette games or take a technical interest in web building you might want to look at the developers who sit behind the screens. Maybe you might even be interested in creating your own online casino. Whatever your reason might be for taking an interest, these are some of the lesser-known software developers that you can give your attention to.


In 2007 SoftGamings developed their company to start catering to the world of iGaming. Today, SoftGaming is an international company with over 250 employees. Their platforms are able to handle many features, including being able to handle millions of transactions per day. They are able to create white label platforms, self service platforms as well bitcoin operating casinos.

SoftGaming also provides you with a platform that can easily absorb your previous developments. Irrespective of which software you have been using in the past, you are able to easily and effortlessly integrate your old system into the SoftGaming platform. They also have a step-by-step guide and recommendations on how to grow your own casino.


Founded by two Dutch, Dennis and Patrick, Dot.iGaming was started in 2016 in an attempt to offer much needed competition to world of igame software developers. Situated in the Netherlands, the Dot.iGaming company prides itself on excellence. Their software development team is supported by an excellent team of office staff that ensures for not only a smooth running of the company, but also the best possible customer service.

Dot.iGaming not only offers you B2B (business to business) services, but also supply you with B2C (business to consumer) services. They offer front-end full responsive products and APPS that can work across all of the platforms such as Android, iPhone and PWA. The company itself may be relatively new but its creators draw on an over 20-year experience, ensuring that you get only the best.


eGamings pride themselves on the fact that they are apparently world leaders in the field of software development for the iGaming industry. In fact, so much so that they boldly display the statement on the website. The Latvian company states that all of their software is easy to instal and to use, making it accessible to even the smallest of IT companies.

Their easy-to-use platform can easily integrate any of your old systems and they offer a round-the-clock consulting and support system that is completely free of charge, when you sign up with them. They pride themselves in the fact that they can provide you with an unbeatable quality of service that you wont ever want to move away from.