The Value Of Good Nutrition For Athletes

An athlete’s body – whether they be disabled or able-bodied – is like a car. It needs high-quality fuel in order to run properly and perform at it’s optimum. While fuel for a car is either petrol or diesel, fuel for an athlete is the food and drink that they take in. So when an athlete eats nutrient-rich foods and hydrates their body properly, they’ll be able to perform at their best and break all of the records. However, when they eat junk food or indulge a bit too much in wine or whiskey, they won’t be able to perform as they should.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what an athlete should be eating in order to give them the best chance to achieve in their particular sports.


Carbohydrates are what gives a person energy. What happens chemically speaking is that the carbs are broken down into sugars that are used for muscles as energy. So, for example, if you play wheelchair basketball or are a competitive swimmer, you’re going to need to have carbohydrates in your diet in order to give you the energy that you need.

But be warned that this doesn’t give you licence to eat French fries, hamburgers and pizza before a game or a swim meet.  The type of carbohydrates in these foodstuffs is what’s called refined carbohydrates. They cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar, which gives you a lot of energy, but just as quickly as it spiked your blood sugar, it crashes it. This leaves you tired and listless – something that you definitely don’t want when you need to perform.

What you need to do is to be eating complex carbohydrates. These release small amounts of energy into your bloodstream, which causes your blood sugar levels to remain constant and makes sure that you’ll have sustained energy levels when you need them most.


Protein is one fundamental building blocks of muscle. In fact, bodybuilders eat lean protein (such as hard-boiled eggs, skinless chicken breasts or tuna) after a workout session so that this can help their muscles to rebuild stronger than they were beforehand.

So, if you are a powerlifter or engage in any sports in which you need strong muscles, you need to make sure that you have a good amount of protein in your diet. Remember that the body doesn’t store protein, so you have to constantly replenish your stores of this macronutrient.

When you choose protein sources to eat, make sure that you choose the cuts which are the lowest in fat. Animal fat, as what you’ll find on steak, increases the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. (What’s interesting to note is that all cholesterol isn’t bad for you.) The bad cholesterol ends up clogging up your arteries which causes you to be more prone to heart disease, for example, coronary artery disease.

Also, plant-based protein sources – such as legumes – are a great way for you to replenish your protein stores without any adverse consequences to your health and overall wellness. And you can snack on them while browsing Bingo Australia and other top sites.